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ABOUT  niky

Millennial by chance of birth with an old soul. Creative being that likes to multi task and enjoy life. Photography, Graphic Design and art are passions build inside me, however, in the past few years I have develop a love for medicine and health care that I cannot shake off so I decided to enroll in school for Psychology and then medicine jumping into Public Health. I would not change anything about my life, I have a great family, a beautiful son, a loving husband and don't make me talk about my friends because they are amazing!!


Graphic Design - Associate's Degree

Image and Design Degree from NYU

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Master's Degree in Public Health 

Master's Degree in Community Health Education

* Currently doing a Doctorate's dissertation in Epidemiology *


Under Construction

* Media link will be added with a YouTube playlist of shows that I have participated in and periodicals.

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